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One of the many challenges that the financial services industry faces is related to data management. The quality and reliability of reference data that financial institutions have access to, has far reaching effects on everything from their profits to their reputation and the amount of regulatory scrutiny that the financial institutions come under.

Inaccurate data increases risks, causes significant financial losses during trading activities, causes issues during clearing and settlement processes and play a significant role in lapses in regulatory compliance. This results in a significant loss of reputation to the firms in dealing with clients, counter parties and regulatory agencies.

Managed Data Service is an end-to-end managed service from Tech Mahindra, provided on a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model. Managed Data Service is a unique offering in the reference data management space in that spans across data sourcing from market data providers to data messaging, data validation, exception management and Golden Copy preparation.

Managed Data Service bundles a robust Reference Data Application along with modules for Instrument Static, Instrument Pricing, Corporate Actions and Taxation Data with an underlying software and hardware infrastructure as well IT & operations teams to provide maintenance, support, change management, data operations and data governance.

Managed Data Service from Tech Mahindra comprises of these offerings:

  • Reference Data Management Software Application
  • Underlying Infrastructure
  • IT System Integration, Maintenance and Support
  • Data Operations
  • Governance and Change Management
  • End-to-end Managed Service - Managed Data Service (MDS) combines software, data sourcing and services in a single Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) offering, thus allowing customers to completely outsource data management operations end-to-end
  • Data provider agnostic - MDS is a data provider agnostic offering and allows customers to select any data source to suit their business needs
  • Proven technology platform - MDS platform has been in use at UBS Global Asset Management and Fund Services group for several years, with users in Europe, America, Asia and Australia
  • Unmatched value proposition - MDS delivers measurable value to customers through consumption based pricing and platform analytics to optimize data spend based on their usage
  • MDS is based upon a hosted solution and there are no on-going costs associated with software licenses, hardware acquisition or ongoing support
  • Reduce operational and labor costs through the utilization of highly skilled, domain experts operating from offshore
  • Reduce data vendor costs by rationalizing both the number of feeds and the specific instrument coverage per feed
  • Reduce data acquisition costs by employing MDS unique functionality designed to optimize vendor specific commercial terms
  • MDS has in-built legal entity hierarchy to identify relationship between issuer and parent and pre-populated, user definable rules
  • Proven and market accepted best practice models
  • MDS allows extensive use of rules-based processing to allow continual process improvement to achieve market leading straight-through-processing levels



Managed Data Service that delivers results

Managed Data Service that delivers results

Case Studies

Discover how a Global Fund Services company unlocked economic value in their Data Management System

Discover how a Global Fund Services company unlocked economic value in their Data Management System

The customer is a global fund administrator , delivering an extensive range of professional services.

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