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Enterprises want

  • Customized services, seamless connectivity in multiple geos
  • Faster service turn up
  • Strict adherence to SLAs
  • Visibility, from order to service performance

Telcos offer

  • Antiquated order processing systems
  • Limited visibility on orders and services
  • Longer activation cycles and more billing errors for customized services

Our Solution

  • BPaaS (Business Platform as a Service) offering for order management
  • Wrapper or a bolt on solution for faster deployment,
  • Solution includes
    • Process harmonization
    • Systems automation
    • People reorganization
    • End-end process ownership as a managed service
  • Designed by experts with domain expertise
  • Visibility to all stake holders, Customers, CxO, Project Managers.  Performance tracking over time.  Drive Single Process Owner concept
  • SLA framework at every level to enable project management
  • Highly Modular:  Five core modules to address problem areas.  Implement select modules and resolve major bottlenecks first
  • Faster time to market
    • Catalogue based products to ensure faster implementation
  • Seamless integration across systems (Using pre built connectors)
  • Easily customizable (Orchestration rules + Database)
  • Scalable to meet your product/customer/geography expansion requirement

ORDERVU can save up to 35% on order management costs


Key levers with directional savings:

  • OM Platform Deployment: ~15% within first year
    • Improved monitoring & reporting and process automation
  • Process Harmonization: ~15% within first year
  • Benchmarking: 5% within first year
  • Based on Telco experience: Solution designed from ground up with unique telecom specific features to ensure optimal process and lowest TAT for Telco’s. Some eg:
    • Preloading of standard kit definition for each main product
    • Auto population of procurement schedule to ensure on time delivery
    • Business rules engine to auto select workflow based on type of order
    • Detailed project planning tool at ‘sub-activity’ level
  • Faster deployment / easier customization: Telecom Product Catalogue which enables us deploy this solution at a Telco within a few months.
  • Bundled offering, experienced resources: experienced, multi skilled resources that are capable of quote management, project management, design, pricing and procurement


OrderVu , An Enterprise Order Management

OrderVu , An Enterprise Order Management

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