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A leading US based manufacturer of highly sophisticated networking products and other computer hardware. The company deals in routers, repeaters, gateways, power-line devices, storage and multimedia devices

The high volume of returns and potential disposition options overwhelmed the customer infrastructure, making it impossible to manage the task efficiently.

Equipped with the capability of handling RMA for years, Tech M felt the need to re-engineer the RMA mechanism, as a thorough DSAT analysis identified it as a top defect area.. The experienced team that is well versed in the validation process on returns driven by customer set policies, proposed to offer a web-based interface that would automate RMA touch points and improvise end customer experience. This would take care of:

  • Manual errors on data inputs (shipping address etc.), increasing RMA returns and elevating customer complaints on delayed delivery.
  • Concerns over delayed deliveries in spite of overnight and express shipment paid.
  • Customer concerns over understanding gap in shipping time frames.
  • Online web interface for customers to key-in accurate shipping details.
  • Offerings and shipping limitations through paid carrier mode to be selected by customers.
  • Disclaimer statements introduced in addition to changes in procedures and quality forms. Mandated script that was prompted explaining the shipping time frames during RMA processing over calls, for expectation setting.
  • Reduction in customer complaint calls over incorrect RMA processing.
  • Transparency on ROI over the paid amount on express and overnight shipment.
  • Increased understanding of shipping time frame reducing customer DSAT.

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