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One of the world's leading communications companies with presence across several countries. The customer is a major supplier of telecoms equipment and services to corporate and government customers worldwide. Its Retail division one of the largest suppliers of telephony, broadband and subscription television services in a leading western European country.

The custoemr’s acquisition strategy created a complex and costly structure for support functions across its global entities. In 2008, a program was established to outsource billing operations and associated IT support functions from 20 countries, to Tech Mahindra and its BPO affiliate to increase cost-savings and improve billing effectiveness.

Some of the challenges faced by the customers included:

  • Processes were not standardized.
    • Variation in input sources across geographies
    • Variation in data format / templates across geographies
    • Variation in billing processes and systems across geographies (over 15 processes)
  • Obsolete Systems
    • Working in a localized environment with minimal interfaces to upstream / downstream systems
  • Revenue leakage
    • Lack of defined billing schedule resulting in incomplete billing and high unbilled revenue accruals
    • Manual intervention leading to billing errors and credit notes
  • Customer Satisfaction
    • Billing related issues and enquiries leading to low customer satisfaction

Our success strategy was to engage the regions, to redo the business case, enabling visibility of country-specific benefits and to make the regional entities accountable for realizing these. The approach that Tech Mahindra BSG devised saw a three-way partnership between the program, regional stakeholders and Tech Mahindra BSG, supported by rigorous program governance.

The framework agreement agreed on the program scope and schedule. Country-specific roles and scope of business was captured in subordinate country agreements individually developed throughout the program.

  • The program, managed from UK, was truly global, impacting 20 countries across seven time zones: UK (PMO location), US (two entities), BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, three entities), France, Germany, Italy, Asia Pacific (12 countries, 17 entities), and India (Tech Mahindra HQ and outsource location).
  • Consolidation of operations across geographies in the space of order entry, order validation, rating and billing, invoicing and adjustments.
  • Supporting business operations across multiple time zones and in multiple languages.
    • Chinese
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • 20+ systems supported in local languages

Owing to the successful delivery on IB+ program, Tech Mahindra BSG was also awarded a ‘standalone’ F&A business process including Order Entry, Billing, Print and Dispatch, Financial Recording and Reporting business processes by the customer.

  • More accurate and timely billing resulting in substantially fewer customer complaints/ issues (as tracked by the regional CFOs).
  • Through innovative contract arrangements, Tech Mahindra BSG implemented over 150 process improvement changes, which was an added benefit to customer; this also saved a lot of time and earned revenue for customer.
  • The quality controlled methodology, and the relationship building tactics helped in working alongside customer resources despite geographic and cultural differences.

Some of the tangible benefits delivered include:

  • A billing backlog of over $ 23 million cleared from customer’s Italian operations. Prior to Billing+ it was not forecast when this would have been achievable.
  • Over $ 17m of this has been realized by rectifying billing errors.
  • A reduction in resource costs to the tune of $ 1.57 million delivered.
  • Near elimination of backlogs and accrual reductions accompanied by incremental revenue growth in each geography.
  • Billed on time increased from 88% per cent to 99.9% per cent.

This program proved to be a game changer. The collaborative approach meant assisting the customer to deliver similar complex programs in a simple way. Most importantly, the program was delivered without any negative impact on billing performance or service-performance drop during execution.

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