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E2E Customer Account Management

A leading general merchandise retailer in the USA. It operates through multiple retail formats ranging from upscale, discount and moderately-priced to full-service department stores.

As the number of online orders increased and the business grew, it became increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage the daily processes involved in inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping. The customer knew that in addition to the existing platform, they would need an order tracking management solution that would streamline and automate their labor-intensive process. At that time, the customer was manually entering the orders which left space for manual errors.

  • Analysis of switch level data, highlighting volume influx on Order Status category due to DSAT customers.
  • Suggested modification to the current processes including the QA form and call disposal work flows.
  • E-mail field being mandatory during information capturing for inventory to send auto mailers with information about order tracking number with the respective carrier name - for the ease of locating the order..
  • Recommended customization of web interface on the order placing tool to enhance tracking.
  • Suggested mechanism on shipping and delivery status while attending customer call.
  • Customer feedback has indicated that there is a measurable reduction in effort required to place, track and process orders.
  • Ready and easy access to order and shipping information enhanced customer experience.
  • E-mail trigger to confirm order accuracy.
  • Reduction in cost due to lower order confirmation / info call.

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