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In the communication industry a significant amount of revenue leakage is attributed to order processes, due to the high fallout rate. Today, when investments are high on improving customer experience and becoming "service-oriented”, any latency in fulfilling customer orders or problems due to lost, incomplete or incorrect orders, significantly impact the customer experience. This often results in customer churn. A robust order handling system gives a boost to the overall customer experience.

Fallouts are typically 5 - 20 percent in fixed-line businesses. Fallouts need manual intervention and significantly impact profitability (high operational cost and revenue leakage) and NPS (delays and inaccuracies). Efficient management of fallout requires TSPs to address three main challenges:

  • High fallout volume: Driven by complex and loosely connected IT systems and product structures
  • Time intensive fallout resolution: Manual checks across systems and dependency on agent’s experience
  • Evolving fallout scenarios: Continuous introduction of new products and services

Cost of order fallout: Lost/delayed revenue, extra cost

  • Order fallout rates can be as high as 15 - 20%*
  • Can be higher for newer and customized services
  • Order fallout costs are over $1 million for each percentage point of orders not completed correctly**
  • Lost opportunity and brand damage: Order cancellation, lost revenue due to delayed activation and increased cost due to manual effort

* Large Enterprises in NA and Europe

** Yankee


Order Fallout Management Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS)

  • Self-learning system: Continuous improvement mechanism to eliminate specific fallouts in the long run
  • Strong Operational and Business Analytics:
    • AHT reduction tracking across fallout types, teams, geographies, service lines etc.
    • Learn spikes and trends for early identification of fallout source
    • Managing a new fallout scenario with the IT team
  • Assisted resolution
  • Automatic case assignment and categorization basis
  • Ease of Use: Easy addition of new fallout category/error code

OrderFix can save up to 15 - 20% on order fallout cost through:

  • Automation: Baseline AHT reduction of about 10%
  • Process benchmarking: About 5 per cent savings through streamlined workflow, access to SMEs
  • Continuous improvements: Another 5 per cent saved through use of six sigma to drive efficiency, identifying back-end IT changes to eliminate specific fallouts and reduce complexity
  • Analytics: Helps in early identification of new categories and allows IT team to prioritize their effort to fix source of fallouts. Also analyzes trends and spikes in fallout volume, thus identifying any adverse impact of back-end IT changes.
  • Faster deployment / easier customization: All modules are configurable. A TSP can define its own queues, categories, root cause and proposed solution logic. System can be instantly updated to add a new logic.
  • Based on Telecom experience: We have designed this solution to address key operational pain points of a Telco. This solution:
    • Automates data consistency and integrity checks across multiple systems
    • Assists the agent in diagnosing the root cause and solution of the problem
    • All resolution orders can be submitted from a single screen

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